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Have a mom that has everything?

There is one item in our shop that seems to be the number one overwhelming emotional heart tugging gift of a lifetime. The item that preserves your favorite moms, grandmommas, aunts, and sisters favorite recipe in their handwriting. 

I get asked all the time how we do it... the answer is an unreal amount of patience and love. These take hours to complete. Hours. We go over each stroke of your loved ones handwriting by hand with an unreal amount of detail so that we can engrave the recipe on the board to last for years to come. 

I get told almost every time that there are literal tears of joy, love, and overwhelming emotion as they see their loved ones writing. My favorite is when I get sent a picture of the reveal. Priceless moments. It makes it all worth it for me. 

We have a two week lead time on these, so make sure you get your order in early for plenty of time for completion. 


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