Mini Black Acrylic "TECH" with Garnet Top Earrings

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- Black acrylic
- This design features a red Garnet gemstone stud in a gold plated setting with post; the gemstone is hand faceted for maximum beauty
(FYI- "Semi-precious gemstones" means these are real gemstones --not acrylic or plastic or resin-- that are found naturally occurring in nature. In the jewelry industry the terms "precious" or "semi-precious" are use to categorize gemstones; precious gemstones mainly include diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies, and semi-precious gemstones include anything below those 4 that are still within the gemstone classification.)

To make sure your jewelry stays in beautiful condition, please do the following:
- Do not swim or exercise in your earrings
- Do not spray hairspray or perfume on your earrings
- Do not use jewelry cleaner or any kind of chemicals on your jewelry; wipe clean with a soft cloth and water