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Fancy Panz™️ are 100% Made in the USA, BPA-Free & Stackable!

Customization included in price. White vinyl will be used and added to the clear top. HAND WASH the clear top if vinyl customization is added.

At Home:
Enjoy the convenience of cooking in a foil pan and impress your guests by serving in a Fancy Panz 2 in 1™️. No more grimy pans to scrub or dirty serving dishes to bring home - just remove the foil pan and wipe down your Fancy Panz 2 in 1™️.

Potlucks, Parties, Tailgates, BBQ, Picnics, Socials, and Hostess Gifts:
Take hot or cold food to your next event in a foil pan placed in a decorative Fancy Panz 2 in 1™️. When it is time to serve, simply remove the clear top and place it under your Fancy Panz were it nests perfectly. Leaving the party early? Simply remove the foil pan and leave your food at the event or dispose of the foil pan. You take your Fancy Panz home! No more lost serving dishes!

Fancy Panz 2 in 1™️ are stackable and sturdy for ease while traveling! You can't say that about your foil pans.

Fits two size foil pans:
With riser - use SHALLOW half size pan, apporx. 11 3/4 X 9 3/8 X 1 1/2

Without riser - use STANDARD half size pan, approx. 11 3/4 X 9 3/8 X 2 1/2

- Use with Hot or Cold Food
- One shallow foil pan and serving spoon included
- Top Rack dishwasher safe - If Customized with vinyl on clear top, REMOVE CLEAR TOP AND HANDWASH ONLY! DO NOT put clear top with vinyl in dishwasher.
- Clear top nests under the Fancy Panz while serving
- BPA free
- Stackable
- Made in the USA

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